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Rock Creek Church of God

Rock Creek Staff

We at Rock Creek possess a wonderful, dedicated staff committed to focusing and directing their efforts on Christ. They have sacrificed many endless hours to spread the will of God and better serve our church. Many of them are behind the scenes, and may not be listed here, but their dedication is greatly appreciated, and we thank them for being such great servants to Christ.

Pastor - Henry Staggs

Associate Pastor - Lonnie McCullogh

Youth Leaders: Donny & Beth Hosmer

Custodian - Pam White

FLC Custodian -Carol Stone

Secretary - Vera Higgins

Pianist - Evelyn Rhodes; Carolyn Martin

Music Director - Julie Robinson

Day Care Director - Jerry Martin

Assistant Day Care Director - Jackie Hadaway

Kindergaten Director - Kim Aldrich

Children's Group Leaders - Kim Aldrich, Andie Love, Pat & Debbie Williams, Melissa Howton

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